When Thoughts Play Mischief

When words pop in your mind like buds in spring,
A different thought is arduous to bring.
You do things that find yourself in a jam,
Like write this poem in the middle of your exam.



Truth – A Saviour Savage

Have you encountered an all altering truth?

A truth that uproots your beliefs,
A dawning merciless to your opinion,
A realisation that shatters your faith,
An awareness resembling what you’ve felt alien?

When I look the truth in its eyes,
A reflection of mine is what I see –
Not an impression of who I was,
But an image of what I’ve come to be.

Truth’s a ruthless tyrant – there is no escape,
It becomes a complete circle; it engulfs me
But it is also the one that calls for my liberation,
When I become the truth, and the truth becomes me.

When all my certainty comes crashing down and only pieces of me remain,
I explore allies who have gathered themselves and kept themselves sane.

A Mind Caged (Sonnet)


A mind is born; the mind is caged,
In imposed patriotism and religious rage.
The mind sees light, it wishes to fly.
It asks for strength; but is asked why.

“Why do you wish to see dreams unknown?
Why make yourself feel forlorn?
Why won’t you heed what society tells?
Why would you want to be someone else?”

Else is nowhere close to who I want to be,
All I ask of you is to accept the innate me.
You’ll fathom if you listen carefully,
I am not one who blends with society.

Society demands surrender;  it forces its rules down my throat,
And in spite of that, if and when I succeed, all it does is gloat.

P.S. On the lines of the poem, I’d like to share with you a song close to my heart, from a movie close to my heart, by an artist close to my heart.

Song: Society
Movie: Into The Wild (2007)
Artist: Eddie Vedder

Without Her… (Sonnet)

Without her, the world’s a dark room.
I can’t see life, I don’t see doom.
She’s the cause and cure for all my troubles,
The light at the end of all my tunnels.

Without her, there’s no life in my stride.
I look for her footsteps, to walk beside.
It seems like a wilderness, while I roam;
She’s not here to hold me, to take me home.

Without her, my nights drown in tears;
My days don’t know frolic from fears.
Bring no love and get me no sympathy,
Gift me my life – just bring her back to me.

I sit motionless in the dark, waiting her arrival;
I can’t see, I can’t breathe, I can’t… She’s my survival.