A Mind Caged (Sonnet)


A mind is born; the mind is caged,
In imposed patriotism and religious rage.
The mind sees light, it wishes to fly.
It asks for strength; but is asked why.

“Why do you wish to see dreams unknown?
Why make yourself feel forlorn?
Why won’t you heed what society tells?
Why would you want to be someone else?”

Else is nowhere close to who I want to be,
All I ask of you is to accept the innate me.
You’ll fathom if you listen carefully,
I am not one who blends with society.

Society demands surrender;  it forces its rules down my throat,
And in spite of that, if and when I succeed, all it does is gloat.

P.S. On the lines of the poem, I’d like to share with you a song close to my heart, from a movie close to my heart, by an artist close to my heart.

Song: Society
Movie: Into The Wild (2007)
Artist: Eddie Vedder


31 thoughts on “A Mind Caged (Sonnet)

  1. A mind caged the term itself speaks thousand words…pragmatic,crystal clear approach..yes,we indeed are bounded by these people,whenever we wish to start something new,first question arrises is what people think (sabse bada rog kya kahenge log) and your beautiful piece states it true..

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