Jazz On My Mind

My pulse keeps sync with the throbbing beats,
As the cello and snares keep a cyclic meet;
Notes from the black-white keys linger
As a score of long famous fingers
Roam on a sax and six slim strings
While the sultry voice of a damsel sings.


28 thoughts on “Jazz On My Mind

      1. Hahaha.. That they are! Don’t make that an excuse to make the sky your abode. Try to rain down some day. There are chances that you may enjoy the madness!

        – Lunatic looking up at the whites in the sky, looking for a human silhouette

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      1. I am equally glad to have the fortune to have “met” you. You are really kind with your words, and they mean a lot to me. Especially since honesty is something I greatly appreciate in anything that I read. Thanks, friend. 🙂

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