Truth – A Saviour Savage

Have you encountered an all altering truth?

A truth that uproots your beliefs,
A dawning merciless to your opinion,
A realisation that shatters your faith,
An awareness resembling what you’ve felt alien?

When I look the truth in its eyes,
A reflection of mine is what I see –
Not an impression of who I was,
But an image of what I’ve come to be.

Truth’s a ruthless tyrant – there is no escape,
It becomes a complete circle; it engulfs me
But it is also the one that calls for my liberation,
When I become the truth, and the truth becomes me.

When all my certainty comes crashing down and only pieces of me remain,
I explore allies who have gathered themselves and kept themselves sane.


24 thoughts on “Truth – A Saviour Savage

  1. yes, truth as something relative not inherent and fixed. Realising this marks a sort of crises followed by a temporarily paralysis (affecting values/attitudesmind etc()…… the awareness, certainly arresting – truth a mere guise…… P.s it was only in 2016 when contemplating perspectives, i came across the awareness that truth is not fixed! I’m not concerned about being a late developer (ha ha), but the development was shocking, for me.

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    1. I absolutely second your words. You are so bang on right about being temporarily paralysed and the constantly changing truth. I too think of myself as a late developer, but I shan’t fool myself into thinking that I have already developed fully. 🙂 It was such a pleasure to know what your thought on the topic are.

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      1. ha ha….a bit like its pursuit, the moment you get the more development you realise there is… sweet remark. thank you. Ps, the jazz was there a link to a particular music, the sultry voice – if so didn’t see it. maybe there wasn’t?

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      2. Your initial comment was a profound one, which set me up to write the reply that you found sweet. 🙂 So, it is I who has to thank you for getting me to put my thinking cap on! 🙂 About that jazz post.. No. There wasn’t any link. I wouldn’t be able to post just one link, there are too many to call even just my favourites. 🙂

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