When Thoughts Play Mischief

When words pop in your mind like buds in spring,
A different thought is arduous to bring.
You do things that find yourself in a jam,
Like write this poem in the middle of your exam.



70 thoughts on “When Thoughts Play Mischief

      1. અલ્યા… તમે પણ ગુજરાતી જ છો! 😀 અરે… એમા શું sorry? I wrote that as fiction material. And at the end of that series, I do suggest Geet is a ‘he’. તોહ મિત્ર, તમારુ નામ જણાવશો ??

        P.S. Please excuse my poor Gujarati writing.. 😛 પેહલી વાર ગુજરાતી માં type કરુ છુ.

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      2. મિત્રવર હું આપનો honest critic, નેગેટીવ રીવ્યુ આપનારો એક માત્ર પ્રાણી. બરાબર છે, ચાલવા દો.

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      3. Hahaha… અરે ધીરજ સાહેબ, કેમ છો? તમે નામ અને બ્લોગ બદલી કાઢ્યુ ? યાદગાર રિવ્યુ કોહ, નેગેટિવ તોહ બહુ જ નેગેટિવ શબ્દ છે. 😛

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      4. Exams ચાલે છે અત્યારે તો, એટલે જરાક ટેન્શન છે. પરીક્ષા પતે એટલે તમારા નવા બ્લોગ પર ગ્રેંડ એન્ટ્રી મારવા માં આવશે. 😉 આવજો..

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    1. 🙂 I completely agree to that. Creativity does have that is completely put of sync with what I have planned for it, but I love the little kiddo! So, I just welcome it with open arms at any hour of day. It was a pleasure going around the pastures and beholding the sight of fresh dew drops on the grass. 😉 Do keep coming back. 🙂

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  1. I love it …

    It’s oh so hard at times to make the creative juices flow yet, when it just comes out of it’s own, not caring what you are busy doing, it’s oh so hard to ignore.

    Still … those are the best of all.

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  2. Indeed a different thought is impossible when you have a great line rolling around in your head. Unfortunately exam time is NO exception haha…hope you still passed the exam…loved this little ditty…it felt like a compacted sonnet LOL

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  3. Before getting introduced to blogging, I had done my bit of writing during exams, I thought I was a lunatic but then I realized there are much more lunatics like you and me in the world. I’m so glad that I’m not alone!

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  4. And when in the office, you sit and slog
    You are quite sure, your brain’s in a fog
    Just as you think, your day’s down in the flush
    A poem or two jumps out in a rush…

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      1. How about me terming my posts as “musings of an idle mind”? Or the fact that I’ve either done or thought exactly as some of the stuff you’ve posted. Our blogs might not be so similar… am in a different phase right now…but then, you be the judge?

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