Ironclad Clouds (Sonnet)

Have kissed me goodbye the days of promise,
Has withered what seemed to stay forever.
Was a summit what seemed all ascending
A bolt back in time, is now my prayer.

Had vowed to rain on us, the clouds,
To keep us alive, the showers glad.
But swept them away, a breeze and a storm,
And what’s left of them look ironclad.

These fingers pine for the camaraderie,
That entwined with and made them able.
The looks of the now descry them nowhere
It looks to form a funereal fable.

Dreams of calm and togetherness buried deep in memories firm;
Shall return in sleepless nights and honour me an eternal squirm.


18 thoughts on “Ironclad Clouds (Sonnet)

  1. A highly enjoyable piece Lunatic. *beams a smile out*

    The third verse is my favourite, and this is a cracking ending! – “and honour me an eternal squirm.”

    Hahahaha. Yes indeed.

    – esme enjoying the use of squirm upon the Cloud

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Things are afoot on the Cloud, so I’m not as up to date with my blogs as I used to be. They’ll have me strung up at this rate and sent to Coventry with a flea in my ear! . I’m going to whittle down my own list too, which will help. You’re safe though…bet you’ll sleep well now eh? Hahahahaha.

        – esme all over the show at the mo upon the Cloud

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m at it all the time!! Hahahaha. I used to post ever single day, but then realised that it didn’t give people time to catch up and so they’d skip some. That won’t do. No it won’t. It’s an outrage in fact *falls about*. I now aim for at least two a week. Too much of a good thing makes your teeth fall out. Or something like that.

        – esme peering down from the Cloud seeing the lunatic in a huge nappy fast asleep snoring.


    1. Oh no, no, no.. That term should be reserved for Milton, Shakespeare, Spenser and the lot. You are allowed to add Genghis Khan as an exception though, because why not! 😛 I’m just a teensy-weensy sonnet essayer, for lack of a better word.


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