My Rhyme Crime

This is an article I had written for a friend, philosopher and guide, Amit Misra (sir), on his request, by which I must admit, I was quite humbled.

Check out his blog – a treasure-chest of well-written posts – Pradyot, here.

The article is a confession of a crime! That’s all.


Guest article by Geet George


To start this confession, I spent hours trying to come up with a good statement which would be able to help me describe poetry in its complete essence. Unfortunately, words were not of much help to me here. Only the experience of reading a well written poetry and the emotions it stirs up in you can convey what I wish to say.

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5 thoughts on “My Rhyme Crime

  1. Where have you gone?! It’s taken me a while to notice I’ll admit, but to be fair I have a huge amount of followers and have been slow keeping up. I hope all is well in your world.

    – Esme Cloud wanting him to come back

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    1. It’s a nice feeling to know that one has been missed. 🙂 Thanks for the enquiry. Means a lot. Took a long break from writing. Needed to focus on other things. I think I’ll gradually get back to blogging regularly. Hoping you are fine and doing well on the Cloud, which I hope has spread beautifully.

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