When Thoughts Play Mischief – 2

This is an add-on to a previous post with the same title! Due credit to Lakshmi from Booksplore – she has lovely articles on her blog! These words are from her repository.

And when in the office, you sit and slog
You are quite sure, your brain’s in a fog
Just as you think, your day’s down in the flush
A poem or two jumps out in a rush…


Siesta Idea

Summer sun
Scorches my skin.
The idea of a siesta
Suitably fits in.

I very much doubt though
The professor will let me go.


A Noontime Lecture

Endless equations suck my pen dry.
Sloppy slideshows seem to pass by.
I can see help in the professor’s eye,
But all I hear is a lullaby.