When Thoughts Play Mischief – 2

This is an add-on to a previous post with the same title! Due credit to Lakshmi from Booksplore – she has lovely articles on her blog! These words are from her repository.

And when in the office, you sit and slog
You are quite sure, your brain’s in a fog
Just as you think, your day’s down in the flush
A poem or two jumps out in a rush…


When Thoughts Play Mischief

When words pop in your mind like buds in spring,
A different thought is arduous to bring.
You do things that find yourself in a jam,
Like write this poem in the middle of your exam.



Weary Dreams & Virgin Hopes

My mind revives an old dream,
And with it, forges a new hope –
A hope to someday live the dream,
The dream to forever live in hope.

– Cynic (in a hopeless place)


A Noontime Lecture

Endless equations suck my pen dry.
Sloppy slideshows seem to pass by.
I can see help in the professor’s eye,
But all I hear is a lullaby.


In Another’s Pain (Quatrain)

Suddenly all songs made sense to me;
Words began to fill a void inside.
When my sole ray of hope left me,
It is someone else’s misery that I sat beside.


The Shameless Poet (Quatrain)

The poet fills others as she empties herself.
She has the power to wield words that can linger;
She can choose to surpass surrealism.
Instead, she exploits experiences.

– Cynic